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The lady Blanche

At the base of a Humphrey's Ledge, a small vineyard of La Crescent and Sabrevois grapevines drive their roots deep into the granite earth. Ryan Classen, born and raised in the Mount Washington Valley, has been tending to these vines since he planted them in 2009. The wines made from this modest plot have been vibrant and compelling. This vineyard has been Ryan's "proof of concept" and is only the beginning of a lifelong endeavor to discover the terroir of the White Mountains.

More recent plantings of Petite Pearl, Prairie Star, Itasca and Louise Swenson are working their way to fruit bearing years.


The spring of 2023 was the largest planting yet; over 1800 vines split between the Lady Blanche Vineyard and a slope in downtown North Conway. La Crescent, Itasca, Crimson Pearl and Frontenac Noir are settling into their new home.

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